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The current office buildings are tired and in need of refurbishment and modernisation to bring them up to a high standard. We have examined different options for the site – including refurbishment. We have concluded that the current buildings are too challenging to bring up to modern standards, and a full rebuilding will be more sustainable and efficient. For example, 100 Grays Inn Road has very low floor to ceiling heights on its upper floors – meaning that refurbishment would not bring them up to a standard suitable for a modern office.

There is still strong demand for good-quality modern office space in excellent locations like Holborn and Clerkenwell. To make their offices attractive to tenants, owners of office buildings are having to make sure they are brought up to modern standards, with features such as top class sustainability, modern ventilation and access to high-quality outdoor spaces like terraces and roof gardens.

We would like to work closely with neighbours to identify where our proposals could make a contribution to improving their environment and opportunities. Initial ideas include:

  • A ‘Local Lettings Policy’ giving Bourne Estate residents priority for bidding for the new affordable home tenancies
  • CCTV for the Estate to deter antisocial behaviour
  • Support for residents to help improve planting and landscaping around the Estate
  • Ensuring that apprentice and work experience placements are offered to local residents throughout the construction period

We are very conscious that the site is in a densely-populated area with many neighbours living close by, especially on the Bourne Estate and at 88-90 Grays Inn Road. Our architects are working hard to minimise the impact of the development to prevent nuisance and overlooking.

The new building will be timber-framed – significantly reducing the level of carbon that will need to be emitted to construct the building. This will be one of the largest and most ambitious timber framed buildings in the UK to date, making it a trailblazer for sustainability. Other features will make this a highly sustainable building – such as PV solar panels on roof, windows and skylights designed to maximise energy efficiency, and extensive planting and greening. The existing mature street trees will be preserved and protected.

A planning application was submitted on 30 September 2022. We are now pleased to announce that Camden Council approved the application in May 2023.

Preparatory construction work for the site, which will include the partial demolition of the existing buildings, is scheduled to begin in summer 2023, while overall construction works are due to be completed in December 2025.

Please get in touch to sign up for emails about the construction programme. You can also sign up to join the Construction Working Group – a group of neighbours who we will meet with during the project to discuss any concerns or issues about the construction of the building.

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